I’m getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of this…

I have spent all day today at home, waiting for the internet repair person to call and say he was coming with a new router. Well, actually, I was gone for 10 minutes to the store for milk and some more recharge cards for the thumb-drive. It’s after 5 pm now, and he said he would call at 9 am.

Oh, and I walked the dog too.  Seems sunflowers grow everywhere.
I called the help line about 10:30, wondering if someone was going to call. Guess I shouldn’t have, as it seems every time I call them, the service gets worse.

I’ve had trouble with the internet ever since I got it in January. I’m positive that the router is faulty, as I can have a great connection, and then Wham! it’s gone, and the computer won’t even admit that we have wireless, even though all the lights that should be blue or green are blazing merrily away. I’ve tried wireless, I’ve tried direct hook-up to the computer……the only thing I can really depend on in my iPhone – and it’s too small to write a blog on.
I guess I shouldn’t complain – when David isn’t home trying to work, I can use the dongle (read thumb-drive internet connection), which costs $2.50 per day – on top of the monthly fee for the wireless that doesn’t seem to work most of the time.Yuri and Margarita are visiting this week from Kuwait. We went out together yesterday to the hot springs near Nakhal, and then on into Wadi Bani Awf to Little Snake Gorge. Yuri is a geo-physicist, so the geology of the area is particularly fascinating to him, and he was able to tell us a bit about the rock formations and how they came to be like that. We took Snoopy, who was NOT welcome at the hot springs, so he and I wandered around a bit while the others checked out the springs… so I didn’t get my free fishy pedicure this time. I did find a fig tree with small figs on it, and banana tree with time bananas, and another tree with ginormous leaves, and fruit and flowers that I didn’t recognize. Research time again.Snoopy was quite happy to run and sniff around the rest of the stops we made….. and he didn’t get the chance to chase any goats into trees this time either.
Here are a few photos of yesterday’s safari. This is an amazingly beautiful country, even if the internet doesn’t always work!

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