Chasing Crabs

The other night we weren’t very hungry, so we went out to the Civil Aviation Club for a beer and spring rolls. After almost 4 years in Kuwait, it is still a novelty to actually be able to go out for a drink. and after over 4 years in the Middle East, sitting under a palm tree overlooking the ocean still hasn’t gotten old.

We became members of the club just before Christmas, and have really enjoyed it. There is a pool (haven’t been yet, but one day), a small gym, a bar and restaurant – both inside and outside by the beach, a lovely long beach with many shelters available to members, a dive centre… lots to do. Most members are Omani, so it isn’t just an Expat hangout. They make very good use of the beach houses on the weekends…. with barbeques and maids and children running and playing in the sand. We went once on as Friday afternoon… just sat in the shade and enjoyed the cool sea breeze….. and Alice and I went on a weekday afternoon as well.
I have to admit that we have gone most often for a quick meal and a beer –  It has been handy when we have visitors as well…and very close to home so traffic isn’t an issue.
Anyway, back to the crabs. It was just dusk when we arrived. We ordered, and then, instead of sitting at the table along the railing where we could hear the sea but not really see it, we went down the steps to the sand. I think I mentioned before how some species of crab build towers during mating season. The beach was littered with them, and in the twilight, we could see one or two busy bringing sand out of their holes and throwing it up on the piles 2 feet away. of course, they stay underground when you try to approach them. There was one crab, however, at the edge of the water, so we ganged up on him and chased him back and forth… not letting him reach the water. This guys wasn’t a ghost crab… he appeared to be brown or green, and was about the size of my hand… and could he ever move.

I tried to take photos with my iPhone, but in the dim light, nothing turned out good enough to post. Next time, I’ll use the Canon and see what I can do.

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One Response to Chasing Crabs

  1. Brenda Fritzler says:

    David in shorts! Never saw that on the farm.

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