Save Japan…

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Monday night we attended a benefit concert and auction for Japan.  It was held at one of the big hotels here, the Intercontinental.   I heard that they planned to set out 600 chairs… when we arrived, the concert was almost ready to begin, and it looked packed.  There wasn’t much room in the parking lot at any rate. The ballroom is beautiful and was humming with activity when we arrived. 

The music was classical…most of the performers were professionals working here in Muscat, many are tutors for the symphony orchestra performers. Many nationalities were represented as well, from the Columbian harpist, Czech violinist, and Danish cellist,  to the Iraqi oboist and the Japanese pianist that had the idea in the first place.

Sitting  beside me was a young lady with a magic pen…… as we listened to the music, her hand was never still as she sketched members of the audience, and even one of the performers.  She said that it is her job… I’m not sure what she does… but she is sure good at it.

At intermission, they headed into the auction of donated prizes.  We had heard it would be a silent auction, but it wasn’t.  Unfortunately, it took forever.  When the began, David and I headed out to the hotel cafe for a bite to eat, as he had gotten home from work late, and just in time to get us to the concert.  The second half featured a lovely young Japanese lady who had done her high school here in Muscat, and is now studying opera in Germany.  Wow!  We finished the half with a very flamboyant Italian flautist ……. he played his own compositions, accompanied by a guitarist of local renown.

I’m not sure how much they raised, but it was a wonderful evening, and truly showed the international flavour of Muscat, and the talent that abounds here.

The photos won’t go into the proper slots, so I’ve added them as a slide show to give you a taste of the evening.

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