Busy Days Ahead

Beach walk again today – have to remember to wear my hat from now on – it’s getting warmer. I was searching again for a paper nautilus – found some pieces of much larger ones. It must be birthing season for these octopi. Maybe Mother Sea will deliver a whole one to me this spring. Fingers crossed. I did take a photo of a crab hole and tower. I know that ghost crab males build these towers during mating season, but as I haven’t actually seen any crabs on the beach here, I’m not sure what kind this is.

I have tons of paperwork to get done in the next few days….. especially finalizing the taxes and getting them sent in. We can no longer file over the net…. pain in the neck mailing all those papers. But, it must be done. Good that there is hardly anything to report.

I have a lot of deadlines on my quilting horizon. The charity quilt that is due next Saturday is on the frame, and started. Jo came over to sew with me yesterday, and we got a lot done, and chatted the whole time. I quilted while she cut her blocks for a lovely black and white disappearing 9-patch, and then worked on 1/4 square triangles for my applique quilt while she sewed next to the quilting frame. I have about 40 trimmed, another 15 sewn and ready to trim, and another 30 or sew all cut and ready to go. I only need 48 according to the pattern, but have decided to do an extra pieced border….. so there you go. Now, I need to get at the applique.

I’m also taking “Crystal Quilts” on Quilt University, and don’t want to get behind …it’s a neat concept of paper folding to create a pattern. This is my pattern; now I just need to get it traced onto fusible interfacing and start sewing. I took this as a one-day workshop last May, but forgot a lot, and decided I needed a refresher if I was going to finish the project. I’m working on a new one right now…. then I’ll get last year’s done.

And….. we have a friend who is having a baby the end of May, and I need to get a baby quilt made…and a runner to do by the end of April… and I have Isabelle’s quilt (see “Quilting in France”) to finish quilting before we go back to Canada mid-June.
That should keep me out of trouble for a while….. do you think?

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3 Responses to Busy Days Ahead

  1. quiltfever says:

    Wow, you have some very interesting projects in the works. I am particularly interested in seeing how Crystal Quilts evovles. Please post some process photos. Also I love your applique project.

  2. Sue says:

    Wow, you are busy. I love what you have done to the crystal quilt paattern, especially the small bands around the center. Me? I almost have my cutting table cleared and have found White Birches and the border pieces. tonight the top gets finished. . . My crystal quilt pattern is still on the wall, but now I am thinking and looking at it more. . . you have inspired me to get going on it again. I think the new paper will help. the quilting is lovely on the long arm. Shell pieces are in front of me. . . waiting for design time.

  3. paramjeet says:

    love what you are doing and Dena’s WS quilt would love to see that finished .But today i badly wanted to see a photo of Paper nautilous ,now i will have to Google it.
    take care .

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