Found One!

A paper nautilus shell, that is.

Yesterday morning, Snoopy and I went again to the beach for our walk. It was a lovely day; a bit cloudy with a light sea breeze. Not to many people there either.
The tide was still fairly high, leaving only a short wet-sand area to walk on. I just left my sandals in the car, after dropping one the day before and being fortunate to find it again. Old sandals, but they still fit and do the trick.

There were precious few shells, and most of them small. The waves were very small and not bringing much in. We had seen a fairly large jelly fish with a lovely coral fringe and Snoopy had found a few dead fish that interested him a great deal.

Almost back to the car – well, yes, we DID drive, even though it’s about a 10 minute walk from home. I wanted to spend my time ON the beach, not getting to it. Anyway, there, at my feet, lay this shell…. right next to the water. It hadn’t been there when we went by the first time. A bit cracked… they are very delicate and seldom make it to shore in pristine condition….. but there it was. Now I have found one… and I can always hope that I will find more.
Here it is, beside my glass case to show how big it is.

And here is a house across from the beach that has been under construction… or rather NOT, since we moved here. Won’t it be incredible when it is finally finished?Now, off to get some quilting done.

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