An Interesting Morning Walk

What a lucky person I am to be living here!  Snoopy and I finally went for a walk on the beach again… it was so good to be by the water and the ocean breezes. The humidity is up now, and the sun was shining after 2 days of clouds.  The beach is very bare and stoney, with lots of shells scattered around.

Snoopy and I met friends we only see on the beach…. Claudia and her lovely dogs Bailey and Smurf, who had blotted their copy books this morning by finding something wonderful to eat and roll in.  Susan came along with Sohar and Baxter.  Susan was saying that her friends had been finding paper nautilus shells, and she was searching for one… she has always wanted to find one. We part company, and she walks about 10 steps….. and what does she see but a small octopus… and a paper nautilus another 5 steps away… and it’s in perfect condition.  I went running to see, and would you believe it…. I DIDN’T take any photos!  Now, when have you ever heard of me NOT taking photos?  Well, I’ve seen it now, and know they can be found on our beach, so guess what!  I’ll really be on the lookout.

I didn’t realize that the paper nautilus is not really a shell, but an egg sack of sorts, and the owner and resident is an octopus, the Argonaut.  Here is a photo of some shells, and a link to a video and great description, for any who are interested.

Back to walking… searching high and low for  shell Susan might have missed.  I was almost ready to turn back, when a pack of wild dogs came down to the beach. We turned around, but they caught up with us… a young black female and 5 pups.  They were lovely dogs, and the mother was very friendly.  She had a chain around her neck, and she was licking my hand when I was trying to see if I could get it off.  Snoopy wasn’t so impressed with them, and they surrounded him and the young ones were barking and trying to sniff him.  Now, he is very good at sniffing at others, but he doesn’t want to be sniffed back. Not good when surrounded either, be it animals or people. They wouldn’t leave us, so we finally left the beach, walking in very soft sand (good for the calf muscles, you say), following us all the way to the sidewalk.

We walked along the main street that follows the shoreline, and the houses there are amazing, especially the ones along the beach.  Lovely, huge gardens….. one had a mango tree with fruit hanging on it.

I’ve included a few photos of some of them.

How would you like to have a driveway like this up to your beach-front property.  Lots of parking for a party.

Guess it just sucks to be rich, eh?

Now, I need to get busy… laundry, cleaning, sewing, I hope.  David is out in the filed and won’t be back until Saturday now, so at least I don’t have any meals to prepare, except when I feel like eating.  Good time for girls’ night out tonight.

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  1. Totally enjoying your story…one day I’m coming to visit…

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