Quilting in France

This has been a very busy but relaxing visit in France.  We have mixed lots of quilting in with the sightseeing and visiting.  And we have done lots.

Corinne and some other ladies had made a flannel quilt for one of their quilting friends who has been battling cancer. Together, Corinne and I freemotion quilted it, and gave it to her when the group got together for a lesson in Hawaiian quilting, my way.  Paule is a very lovely, bubbly lady, and has a good sense of colour… and purple is her favourite.  Here she is with her cuddly purple quilt.

Monday afternoon we visited another quilter in Riez.  Mary has been quilting for many years, and has developed her own unique style.  She loves bright colours and lets the fabrics spark her imagination.  When we arrived, she treated us to quilte a trunk sh.ow…. she has made so many quilts that I asked if she ever sleeps.  Here is one she has displayed in her quilting studio……. I especially love the fox peering out at all the chickens.

I had my computer with me, so I showed her a sample of my work. We had tea and cake with her and her class, and before we left, she gave me this photo of one of her quilts….. Arabic, suitably, and gratiously signed it for me.

We have been working on a quilt for Corinne’s sister. Isabelle had a hand in picking both the design and the fabrics…. she loves lotuses and the huge goldfish that live in the pond in her parents’ garden pond. When I visited in Nov 2009, we started on the design, and thought we had it all ready to sew together.  Wow, were we wrong!  the centre was pretty straight forward, but then we were faced with a lot of decisions. Slowly we got it together…… and wow… it is nothing like either of us had ever tackled before.  I’m sure if we hadn’t had such a good cheering section it would have taken us much longer.  Still, this morning we finished the top, and it is all ready to show Isabelle tomorrow morning.  Then I will take it to Oman to quilt.  Unfortunately, Isabelle doesn’t want anyone to see her quilt, so I can’t show you  a photo.  But I think it’s stunning.

We still have a quilt to cut out, and haven’t spent much time just sitting and quilting or doing other handwork…… but it has been great.

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