Sunday – Rainy and Cool. A Perfect Day for Quilting.

Another sleep-in day.  Not sure why I’m waking up in the middle of the night.  We didn’t have any big plans for today anyway, so it’s ok.  It had rained much of the night, and looked like more.

After two cups of great coffee, I headed down to the “boulangerie”, or bakery, for fresh bread for the day.  I was fairly late, so the kind that Corinne likes (see yesterday’s slide with “Boule au Levin) was all sold out, so I picked another… paid and carried it home with one end wrapped in paper.  None of this “thousand plastic bags” stuff here.   And I have to brag a bit… I did really well… and felt perfectly comfortable shopping in French.  I am SO pumped up!

We popped over to Corinnes’s Mom’s with a slice of asparagus quiche and had a cup of tea.  I took a few photos of the outside yard there… it was actually a convent, 400 years old, and the summer house of a bishop in the early 1800’s. Isabelle, Corinne’s sister, has done a photo book of the grounds and buildings, and it is amazing. I hope to be able to show and tell you more about it later.

After lunch, we quilted.  Corinne and her friends have made a flannel quilt for one of the group who has cancer, and together we quilted it.  It is a lovely combination of purples and will be so cozy for her.  We will bind it tomorrow and give it to her on tuesday when we have the applique class. And here was our moral support for the whole operation…

Isn’t he gorgeous?

We went up the hill to Sainte-Maxime’s Chapel for evening prayers.  The hill is only 120 m higher than the village, but the view is fantastic. The 17th century chapel has ancient Roman columns inside, and is truly wonderful decoration……. and the acoustics are out of this world.  A very small group of nuns reside there, but with only 6 of them singing, the music was clear and sweet. I think we will go often.

Writing and quilting this evening after a lovely, simple dinner. I hope I still fit into my clothes when I go home.

Here are a few more photos.  I couldn’t help taking some of the streets all shiny wet with the rain…… living in the Middle East has made rain quite an event.

The narrow streets of the old village – notice the colourful shutters.

This is the building Corinne and Ray live in.  The second floor (first floor to those not from North America) The window with one shutter open is my room. The building is between 150 and 200 years old… but the apartment is very comfortable.

This is the square viewed from the window…. to me it “is” this place.  I’ve probably taken at least a dozen photos of it already…. and I’m sure I’ll show you more.

A bientôt.


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