On My Way

to Provence.  I’m at Schipol Airport right now, having downed a large cappucino (the Dutch really do know how to make good coffee) and a dutch apple pie. Plane leaves at 10:10…. and after my French Verb podcasts finish downloading, I’m off to replace the camera that got stolen in Muscat.  I stopped at an electronics store before I did anything else, just to see what they have on sale. 

No Nikons in my price range, but a sweet little Canon, smaller than my phone, and almost as thin.  With lots of bells and whistles, but very dumbie-proof.  I cashed in some KD to make the purchase.  The exchange was due to open at 6 am, but we waited until about 6:20 before they opened the windows….. very unconcerned they were too, as great, long lines waited.  I figure they must be on the EU equivalent ov Newfoundland time… about 1/2 hour late.

I received an email from corinne – planning chinese food in Marseille for lunch.

I thought I’d pass on a link to the town I will be visiting for the next two weeks.  It’s a lovely place, and very old.  i can’t wait to get back there and go to the market, and buy the bread for breakfast, and….and…and…


More late, with photos.

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One Response to On My Way

  1. caroline says:

    Hi there – Just read through your blog – loved the travelling round Oman bits – reminds me what a good time we had there!
    Have a great time in France and say Hello to Corinne from us!!

    Caroline & John

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