View From the Top – and on the way there.

After leaving Nizwa, we drove back up into the mountains.  Along the way, we saw the requisite towers – there is one on almost every hill in Oman, it seems.


We saw scary, winding roads (tracks) up into the mountains.  and then…… we saw the fields.

Now, for those of you that don’t know, you can take a farmer off his farm, but you will NEVER get the farm out of the farmer. Gary still farms, we did until the hail wiped us out, and Bob grew up on one.  Before we knew it, we were stopped and the crop inspection commenced. the soil is very pale and seems very fertile.  They have irrigation set up and the fields have dikes around them so they can flood the fields to water.  While we were inspecting, the lady farmer came along, and hid behind this tree until we left.

We stopped at Al Hoota Cave, but it was closed for the holiday weekend – crazy, we thought, but…

Onwards and upwards…… past picnic areas with families sitting on the flat desert eating (we insist on grass and trees back home).  At the lookout, we headed off-road so we could get higher and have a better look at the two villages in the valley.

And as I said before, the Canadians (all of us) just HAD to build an inukshuk to proclaim to all who might pass by that we were there… and of course, the group photo.  Great day exploring Oman, and a good introduction to our cousins.

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