You Wouldn’t Believe

the number of photos I have to go through!

Our two weeks of company from Canada was amazing – we got to visit and revisit most of our favourite sights, eat great food, and laugh until our sides hurt.  And of course, take photos.  Cousin Dawn is as much of a shutter-bug as I am, and I have some of her photos (about 1800) as well, so it will take me a while to get through them all.  And what to describe first…….?  That is the real problem.  Turtles, the Grande Mosque, The Oman Botanic Gardens, hiking in Little Snake Canyon…….  any suggestions?

As well, I want to reassure everyone that we are quite safe here in Oman.  There were a few rough demonstrations about 300 km away from here, but nothing here to worry about.  About 70% of the Omani population is under the age of 20, so there is an increasing demand for jobs.  There is no danger of them trying to depose the Sultan.  He has done tremendous things for the country in the past 40 years, bringing it from a very backwards nation to a very modern one…. I defy you to find better roads anywhere.  He is taking initiative to help with the job situation and inflation, and also giving the council more power.

More later today, I hope.




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One Response to You Wouldn’t Believe

  1. cuz says:

    Thanx for the info on being safe. Jim and I had been talking about that just this week…
    Can’t wait fot the pics and storytelling to get started

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