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Early Morning Walk

Another lovely, sunny day in Paradise.  Snoopy and I walked down to the beach this morning, and found things very different….. here’s the path we took, and what we discovered. Walking along our side of the street, instead of along … Continue reading

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The Sky’s the Limit

It’s quite cloudy here today…. and that is NOT normal. Most of the time, the sky is blue, with nary a cloud to be seen, or just little wispy ones.   Or there are clouds out over the ocean, but the … Continue reading

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Another Trip to the Plant Souq

Last Sunday, the American Womens’ Group organized a trip to two nurseries, led by the lady that knows plants here in Muscat, Anne Love.  She wrote a really good book about gardening here – and I have it and look … Continue reading

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Quilting Frame Up and Running!

I finally got the Bailey turned on last night…….. and met with the usual “I haven’t done this for 4 months” problems.  At least, that’s what I thought.  I had some lovely fine, variegated pink Supreme Rainbow thread, adjusted the … Continue reading

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Of This and That…

This has been a busy week…. until today, I’ve had to be ready to go by 9 am.  Today, Snoopy and I took advantage of the easy morning by going to the beach for our walk.  The tide was high … Continue reading

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