Preparation Day

Today I spent trying to get the house ready for company.  Two of David’s cousins and their wives are arriving from Canada early Wednesday morning.  That means TWO guest rooms to be readied, and the cat moved to the 2nd floor (3rd in Canada) bathroom, and THAT meant that the boxes in the top floor room had to be sorted and organized and stacked so that if it rains and the window leaks, that nothing too important will get wet.

And, I finally found the braces required to put the mirror on our dresser!  Yahoo.  It’s been sitting against the wall for 3 months.

I will have to move computers and wireless out of one of the bedrooms, either tomorrow or Tuesday.  Then I will be using my baby laptop.  Good little computer, but the screen is sure small.

I’ve been having problems with my iPhone again.  It has to do with syncing it to the computer… it keeps deleting the podcasts that I’ve already listened to.  I’ve been using it to brush up on my French before I go to visit a friend in Provence in March.  Last year, I looked and felt like a dummy, not understanding what was going on. And now, it doesn’t want to transfer over to the other computer either.   Ergh!

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One Response to Preparation Day

  1. Danielle says:

    Kathi – just got a minute to sit and read your blog and enjoy all the wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing your day-to-day adventures. I have to say Oman looks absolutely amazing and I really hope to see it one day too. Sounds like you have found a great group of ladies to socialize with as well. I am really happy for you. Miss you bunches!

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