Lovely Day of Sewing

Today, I had a rare day of sewing and good company.  Alice came over, and after a feast of fresh French bread, butter and good coffee, we adjourned to the sewing room.She had a small quilt to sandwich, and we both had bindings to hand sew.

We talked about quilting designs, different types of fills and feathers, and then sandwiched the quilt on a big old wooden table that had belonged to David’s grandparents.  We tried using clamps on the edges of the table where the fabric hung over, and they worked like a charm.  I need a few more clamps, for the times (rare) when I’m not just racking the quilt on my frame.

That task finished, we sat comfortably in the living room, with the light of the chandelier, and happily stitched away, chatting the whole time.  I finished my small quilt, and Alice only has one more side to complete.

How blessed I am to have time like this, and good friends to spend it with in a occupation we both enjoy.

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