It Started Out As An Ordinary Morning Walk…

There was a beautiful sunrise over the mountains this morning, so, of course, I had to snap a shot of it.  I DO love my iPhone after all.

We walked through the wadi a different way.  Now, a wadi is a dry river bed, or we’d call it a water run back home.  Lots of these they now call “abandoned” here, as the flow patterns have been changed with all the building. Lots of plants grow there in among the gravel. Many wild plants here have very small leaves, and very large thorns.  This one particularly caught my eye (and thankfully, not my clothing) as we walked by.

Those thorns were easily an inch long… maybe more.

We went around the streets, and then up one we’d never entered before…. and there I found it.  I was attracted by the little red flower, and when I got close, I saw the fruit.  A pomegranate tree.

Around, the back of the same house, they had another, this one just coming into flower. Here is the flower bud… actually a whole “head’ of them…. it reminds me of an artichoke.Beside it, you see one where the outer flowers have begun to open.  They are dramatic, and huge.  Here’s a shot from another angle. You just know that something that comes from a flower like this has to be delicious! I’ve never seen one before, and I want one.  I’ll have to find out if they will grow in pots, and if I would ever get blooms before I leave here…… but now I know what I’d like to put in my large pot.


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