Early Morning Walk

Another lovely, sunny day in Paradise.  Snoopy and I walked down to the beach this morning, and found things very different….. here’s the path we took, and what we discovered.

Walking along our side of the street, instead of along the wadi, I found two flowering shrubs that I hadn’t seen before…. I took photos (of course) and will have to go through the books to see what they are. this red one might be a kind of Plumeria that I haven’t seen flower before.  The flowers  on the small pink one look like hearts.  The large flower is a mandevillia.




When we arrived at the beach, it was very calm and quiet.  The tide was mostly out, and the great pile of sand that had been deposited there last weekend had been eroded away. Many small rocks, newly uncovered, littered the beach, along with a few small shells. There were sandbars, and small water pools with wave rippled sand, and little rivers of the captive water rushing to the ocean.




Where the sand had been taken back into the ocean, it left a great cliff, sometime 18″ or more high, as the tides had been lower than those that first deposited the sand.

The white you see here is some plastic which had been buried in the sand, probably brought in from who-knows-where on the high tide.

Here is my good friend Snoopy, just to show you how high the ledge is… he’s quite a tall dog.

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