Another Trip to the Plant Souq

Last Sunday, the American Womens’ Group organized a trip to two nurseries, led by the lady that knows plants here in Muscat, Anne Love.  She wrote a really good book about gardening here – and I have it and look at it…. but I don’t have it with me on walks when I’m looking at plants.  This trip really made a difference.  Monday morning, when Snoopy and I took our morning stroll, I was surprised at how many plants I could identify now.

I met up with a couple of friends for the trip out.  Soon after we arrived, Anne introduced us to Ali, who owns the first nursery.  He led us first along the front fence, where they have some climbing plants growing.  Then we delved into the nursery, and were introduced to many flowering plants.  Ali showed us the greenhouse where they have a special area to house the cuttings while they are rooting… it was really warm and humid.  Here, they root in a week or so. I also found out what the wonderful tree I found in the wadi is… and I can buy one there.  It’s a Sesbania Grandiflora! The beans-like seed pods on it are a foot long.

After a quick stop at MacDonalds for a free drink, we went to another nursery, this one specializing in fruit trees.  They have a huge pile of sand mixed with a little bit of sweet soil for potting plants.  Seems funny to put sand in pots, but here, that’s what most plant grow in… that’s what most of the soil in Oman is, like a giant sand box.  We saw a huge mango tree, figs, guavas, grapes, kumquats and other citrus trees.  I didn’t realize that mangos had pointed leaves.

We didn’t have time to shop.  I went this morning for just a minute to get some potting soil – $2.50 for a large, very heavy sack of it.  I’ll need David to get it out of the car for me.  I plan to repot some bougainvillea to put on the balcony.

This is a small mango tree in flower…. about 7 feet tall, just around the corner from my house.


I MUST go back, when I have time to browse, and bring home some new gems.

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