Quilting Frame Up and Running!

I finally got the Bailey turned on last night…….. and met with the usual “I haven’t done this for 4 months” problems.  At least, that’s what I thought.  I had some lovely fine, variegated pink Supreme Rainbow thread, adjusted the tension, and away I went.  Thread frayed and broke.  Rethreaded everything…. thread broke…… changed the needle… thread frayed and broke. Changed the foot…… a bit better, but then the thread frayed and broke. Urgggghh!  Go to bed.

This morning, I deliberated over patterns for the large 12′ blocks…. decided on a fairly easy one, and away I went again.   Thread still fraying and breaking.  That’s it.  Unpicked it all, and changed to a regular, fairly thick pink cotton thread….. and began to doodle.  Voila!  It’s working like a charm.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to try to get fancy.

I love to doodle quilt.  I get caught in a rut once in a while, but that just adds to the cohesiveness of the pattern, right?  I need to spend more time doodling with a pencil while I read or talk on the phone (which isn’t really very often) and think up some new designs.

Last winter, I took an online class called “Quilt Whisperer 101” by Carla Barrett (http://quiltwhisperer.com/).  What an eye opener!  I’d recommend it to anyone.  She really shows you how to look at a quilt and think outside the box for ideas on quilting.  I need to go back through the lessons and review.  I lost her whispering of my Hunter’s Rainbow, so I’ll really have to put my thinking cap on for that one.

Well, back to the quilting frame.  This quilt is small, so it’s already almost 1/3 finished.  I’d like to get it done today.


3:30 pm – DONE!  All I have to do is tie up a few loose threads and sew on the binding.  And start to plan the next one.

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2 Responses to Quilting Frame Up and Running!

  1. cuz says:

    wow……is that your sewing room???????????? I will have to come shopping there as there is nothing here..Ha Ha…can’t even get something to stuff my music hanging UGH
    I would love to do some free hand quilting so am going to check that website out
    Quilt is lovely.i like the colors

  2. Barb – I have the 24′ long dining room for my sewing room. And fabric is cheap here and plentiful in Kuwait, so I really loaded up. We have trouble getting batting here, but you should check out online…… Joanns or Hancocks have really good sales, and sometimes free shipping. Also, see if the places in Calgary, Regina or S’toon are online. I have a friend (online) who works at Peachtree in S’toon – I can ask her.
    And come over with an empty suitcase!

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