Of This and That…

This has been a busy week…. until today, I’ve had to be ready to go by 9 am.  Today, Snoopy and I took advantage of the easy morning by going to the beach for our walk.  The tide was high and the waves were loud.  The sea had piled up a lot of new sand on the beach, so there were not many shells in evidence.  I could walk with my head up this morning. Snoopy liked this, because I wasn’t always stopping to take photos or pick up shells.  I still didn’t walk fast enough to suit him though… he is a runner, and goes like the wind.  Salukis are a lot like greyhounds in that.  I wish I could just let him run on the beach, but there are usually quite a few people, and I can’t trust him to stay close and come back when I want him to.  He loves to run into the waves, dragging me with him, and then he springs straight up and sprints back out.

I hosted our monthly book club meeting yesterday.  We read “The Lacuna” by Barbara Kingsolver.  It’s a huge book, but not a hard read.  I like this book club, because we don’t pick the novel apart, but rather branch out to discuss the issues raised in it, and how they apply to us.

Most of the ladies are quilters, so before we started on the book, we had a tour of my sewing room.  Alia had wanted to know more about my Dear Jane quilt, so I got out the quilt and the book, and explained how it came into being.  I found a photo in the Dear Jane book called “Jane on Safari”, consisting of several DJ blocks with a lot of wonderful African animal fabrics.  I liked it a lot, but wondered why the quilter didn’t use more of the DJ blocks.  I wondered if I could make a scene using ONLY DJ blocks…… so I did.  It was a real learning experience, picking blocks with the right lines to give me what I wanted.  For those of you who don’t know about Kuwait, the black blob is a Kuwaiti lady in an abaya and hijab (scarf) looking at the Kuwait Towers, which are a landmark and symbol of Kuwait.  I used applique, piecing, fancy threads and stitches on my machine, Swarovski crystals, Foundation piecing, templates…what ever would make the block the easiest.

I’m hoping to do a lot of quilting this weekend.  David will be busy with his university classes, so we won’t be going anywhere.  I have a charity quilt top to finish and quilt on my frame.  I haven’t used it since September.  I need to practice a bit before I put my Hunter’s Rainbow on.

I’ve also traced an applique pattern on three of the nine blocks I need for the new hand applique project I’m starting.  It’s called Branches Entwined, and is in the December 2008 issue of McCalls Quilting magazine.  I thought about doing it all in blues, but decided to go with the original colour scheme. Usually I either like the pattern but not the colours they used, or the colours but not the pattern.  This time, they both feel just right. I just need to get some bits of fabric basted on and I’ll be all ready to travel.  I would like to design my own applique pattern, but that is still in the future.

I went to the Muttrah Souq on Monday with a friend…. here are a few photos… hope they entice you to come and see…..

These are the traditional caps or “kumas” that the Omani men wear.  The embroidery is amazing.  Pashmina shawls are in the front and hanging behind.  They come in every colour under the sun, in wool, silk or a combination.

The ceiling just inside the souq.

Lost in thought.

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3 Responses to Of This and That…

  1. Melissa says:

    I was showing him on google maps where you live and where we live and he likes where you live better! Robbie really wants to go swimming in the ocean and play in the sand. So he says that he would like to come live with you, but I have to come with him.

  2. You are both welcome. How old is Robbie now…7?

  3. Melissa says:

    He’ll be 5 in March.

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