She Sells Seashells….

… by the seashore.  No she doesn’t, she collects them.

I love walking along the beach and watching for shells….. I’m trying to find as many different ones and as large a I can.  There are so many though….

When we visited the folks that were living in the house we now have, she had lovely glass jars filled with shells.  “No problem”, she said, “the beach is just a 10 minute walk away.”

So, the first morning I was in Muscat, Snoopy and I went to the beach, and I filled my pockets with wonderful shells….. and lost my cell phone!  My life flashed before my eyes. I walked over 2 km that morning, looking for it. No luck!  But a kind gentleman had found it, and answered when David called…. and I got it back hat evening.  Whew!  Now, I wear a waist pack for my phone, and it also has convenient pockets for keys and dog treats.  And, I have a bag for my shells, in case my pockets aren’t large enough.

I found a good local book on shells (I have to know what they are) and some pails to soak them in, and I was all set.  I’ve learned a lot about shells and waves and beaches in the three months I’ve been here…. and I love them.  Here are a few of my treasures…. still on the shore.

It’s not only shells you find on the beach.  We saw a turtle once, two dead (thank goodness) sea snakes, a few star fish, bits of broken fishing net, and many kinds of coral.  The tracks in the sand made by hermit crabs, snails and the water running back into the sea make interesting patterns as well. Some crabs dig holes in the sand and throw the sand out in a spray pattern.  Male ghost crabs build a tower beside their hole during mating season

Parts of the shore are rocky when the tide is out, and all sorts of shells get hung up in them.  Snails smaller than your finger nail are all over the rocks…. Snoopy doesn’t much like walking out there.  And hermit crabs, if the time is just right.  We found some in snail shells smaller than your pinky nail. Once, I found two in larger shells, and one even rolled over for me when I put it on it’s back.

Sometimes the sea brings a lot of sand in with the high tides, and all the small and  broken shells get covered up.  It takes days for the water to gradually reclaim the sand and uncover the treasures.  Often, the water cuts into the bank, and the layers of sand and shell that have built up are displayed.  It gives you a good idea of just how those same layers developed in the rocks.

And of course, children (and adults) play in the sand.  Here is a sand castle decorated with shells.

Now, don’t you want to join me here?

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  1. cuz says:

    yep….a big yep…

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