No – I’m Not Talking About Aliens…

when I mention UFO’s.  Those of you who are quilters know the jargon…. it means Unfinished Fabric Objects.  I’m a collector!  I haven’t counted how many I have in a while, and I DON’T plan to any time soon.  I do plan to cut the number down this year, though…. maybe next year I won’t be afraid to count them.

UFO’s come in many shapes and sizes…. and come about for many reasons. My biggest problem is that I get involved with another project and the old one gets hidden under a pile of fabric.  I have moved away from some – well, I mean I moved  and got involved in a new quilt group. Sometimes the project just doesn’t interest you any more….. and there is nothing wrong with that. Life is too short to make quilts you don’t like.

I have made my New Year’s resolution to be more organized, and to finish some of the unfinished projects I  still like, and to give away or recycle any that I don’t. As well as the local group mystery quilt, I am just finishing a mystery table runner that dates back to the fall of 2006 (I moved!).  It really shows how colour contrast does NOT equal light-medium-dark contrast, which is much more important. My ulterior motive is that I want to share this pattern with a friend in France for her quilt group, and I need to make sure the instructions are clear before they are translated.

I have my quilting frame set up and a Hunter’s Rainbow top I made for a strip challenge in 2009 ready to be quilted.  I did an online class in deciding what to quilt on a top, and have some ideas, finally.  On this one, the lights and darks worked really well.

I have two mystery quilts, partially completed, made with the same instructions…….. here they are.  I have a Pam Bono pattern for a Remembrance Day quilt for one of my daughters and her husband, who are both in the Canadian Militia… partially cut.

I have a set of wonderful basket blocks made by myself and a dear quilting friend in Canada, all ready to set into a quilt to celebrate our friendship.

So much to do, so many other things I want to try…… so little time!

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8 Responses to No – I’m Not Talking About Aliens…

  1. Pam says:

    There is just never enough time . . . but it sure is fun . . .

  2. Melissa says:

    I love seeing the pictures that you post and reading your blog. I find I’m checking it everyday, and get a little disappointed when you haven’t posted a new one! lol
    Can’t wait to see the finished basket quilt 🙂

    • Hey Melissa – glad you are enjoying it. Has Lorraine done anything with her blocks? I challenge her to it this year….. now I’ve made my side public.

      • Lorraine says:

        Ok Kathi. The challenge is taken. I was just looking at them the other day. I still have one block to make for myself. The last one I got done for you. Now to find the picture of it so that I can do it. I just love all these blocks.
        Greg has made me a challenge also. If I can go from now until my birthday and not buy any fabric he will give me $100.00. If I buy one peice of fabric I owe him $300.00. That can rally hurt. Good thing I won the fqs on queen of ufos, I will have some new fabric to fondle. I just love all the bright big print fabrics but now I have 4months and 1 week before I can buy any fabric. Ouch!!!!! Not that I have lack of faabric. But I do love it and especially the new prints they have out. I have been looking for teal/aqua with black on it for applique but now that will have to be put on hold.
        Miss ya lady!!!!!!!!!

      • tell me which one it is and I’ll send you a photo..

  3. Lorraine says:

    I will have to go through the blocks to find out which one I am looking for. Could you post the 6 I made and then maybe I can tell from there?

  4. Sure – I’ll photograph your 6.

  5. cuz says:

    Yep I know what ufo’s are. I have seen a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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