No game today….

Last night, just after I finished writing about the rain storm in December, it began to rain.  Light at first, it increased in force until it was driving down…….almost straight, so I didn’t have to worry about it coming through the windows.  This morning, when Snoopy and I went for our walk, we walked down into the wadi to the soccer field across the street from our house……. guess there won’t be any games there for a day or two.

It rained again this afternoon, and promises to do more tonight and tomorrow…. about 10 cm… not the 23 cm they were forcasting for Old Muscat and Muttrah.  I guess I won’t go to the souq for a few days, until it dries out.  LOL

I decided as I walked that I would show you a bit of what I see in the area.  So, here goes. The plants here are amazing, especially the bougainvillea.  These were just peeking over the fence as we walked through an alley way from our street to the next (no walking in the wadi this morning).  Just down the street, they are crawling up the inside wall and over the fence to entwine themselves into this fan palm.  We have all kinds of palms here – date, coconut and fan, but you also see the occasional small banana tree.  I think this is wonderful… I’d love to have a palm tree in my yard, but unfortunately, it is all paving stones.

Just at the next corner, several people have mixed vegetables in with the flowers in the front beds….. you can see egg plant, tomatoes and squash in these photos.  I met the man who lives here one morning… he is very proud of his vegetables garden. It is very green in Muscat, trees and flowers, and grass, although it’s not a grass like we are used to, but rather a relation to crab grass.  Still, it works here.  It’s hard to remember that we are still on the edge of a desert, and the soil is sand, not loam.

One day I will go around and photograph some of the really incredible yards close by… gigantic houses and trees, trees, trees

The houses have lots of tile and interesting features. Here are some we walked by. I think this one would be a lovely design for quilting…. simplified, of course.

Some intersections don’t have proper drainage, and when it rains, they get quite filled up.  This one is on a busy street….. people were coming rushing up and having to turn around to go another way, or creeping on the sidewalk/driveways of the nearby buildings.By the way, for those of you who’ve never met him, this is Snoopy.

We quite often walk around a cemetery.  Muslim cemeteries are quite different from what we are used to.  There is a wall of varying heights around a large tract of seemingly empty land.  There are a few trees or bushes inside, and in a few scattered places, there seem to be small stones standing up in the earth.  Many don’t even have these markers, as they believe that a burial site should not be marked.  There is a family of dogs living in this one… they often come barking when we pass by… this time they came quite close.  They are lovely dogs, and those who have been adopted say they have the same wonderful personality as the desert dogs in Kuwait.

Here we are getting fairly close to home… this is a walkway… there are lovely trees in it, and notice the tiles on the wall. 

Just around the corner to home now… more flowers, and then the wadi across the street. 

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One Response to No game today….

  1. Pearlin J says:

    I am so enjoying seeing Muscat thro your eyes Kathy.Keep them coming 🙂

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