More Plants

We went this morning to the Police Nursery in Watteya…. they were selling off the extra bedding plants that they didn’t need to beautify the streets.  Too bad we didn’t find out about it earlier… there wasn’t much left, but at the prices – 4 flowering plants in a pot for 1/2 rial… you couldn’t lose.  I got some zinnias to put in pots around the trees in front of my yard, and also on my balcony,  A few petunias, daisies and carnations as well.

Then it was off to find pots and potting soil. Tomorrow morning I will be out transplanting and pruning back my new plants.  Hopefully, they will have time to put on a bit of a show before it gets too hot.  My camera batteries were dead, or I would have had a few photos at the nursery …… will have some of the finished display, I hope.

I’ve gotten in touch with the American Womens’ Group here… just in time, it seems.  Next week, they will have a nursery tour, led by a lady with a lot of experience growing things here….. I already have her book.  They have a tour of the Botanical Gardens in February as well, and I’m signed up for that too.

Lots to learn about growing things here… conditions just aren’t the same as the Canadian Prairies!


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One Response to More Plants

  1. cuz says:

    WOW……I love reading about your adventures…..thanx so much for sharing

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