Sea Fever

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky”  wrote poet John Masefield almost 100 years ago.  He was longing to sail….. I’m no sailor, but I too feel the tug of the ocean.  Funny thing, that, for a Prairie girl, born and bred thousands of miles from any ocean.  Or maybe not so strange……. the flat lands of Saskatchewan can look a lot like the sea, with the wheat and grass waving in the breeze, and the horizon flat and far away.  Whatever the reason, I love the ocean.

I though on Thursday when I left the house that it would be a day of skies…. the view from my step towards the mountains was stunning.  It kept changing as we walked toward the beach…. I couldn’t wait to see what the sky over the ocean was like…….. and then we got to it, and I knew priorities had changed.

Although there was no wind to speak of, the sea was a alive.  Row upon row of foam-crested waves rolled toward the beach.  They reminded me of swathes wheat… not quite white, but tinted golden in the light of the sunrise.

There were quite a few people down there, mostly Omanis.  Thursday is the beginning of our weekend, so families were taking advantage of not having to rush off to work or school. It was only 7:15 am, and it seemed that the expats I usually meet with their dogs were sleeping in.

The waves were about 3 feet high, the spume dancing on the crest before  crashing over onto themselves and the rocks and sand below. The roar was almost deafening.  Poor Snoopy had to stop quite often while I tried to capture it on my camera.  I got some good videos, (and some with me telling him to stand still and wait) but haven’t got the set-up yet to put them on here…….. just for you other Prairie folks.  The tide was quite far out….. when we arrived back at the beginning 2 hours later, it seemed to be in the same spot, so I have a hunch that I caught it at high low tide.

As we walked along, a flight of cormorants settled in the water and began diving… there must have been a school of fish there, although I didn’t wee any come up with his breakfast while we watched.

The beach was quite smooth and mostly shell free…….. I did find a few interesting ones though.  The track of the water receding around rocks made interesting patterns in the sand, contrasting the dark brown with that made mostly of crushed shell.

In some areas the sand shelf deposited by the stormy seas of late December is being eroded by the waves, and shells and rocks stick out at odd angles…… you can see layers of sand and shell – it gives you first hand evidence of how layers of sedimentary rock are formed.

One last photo from the shore that morning………

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2 Responses to Sea Fever

  1. cuz says:

    The pics are awesome……….hope I can visit someday

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