Of Official Forms and Offices

We went to trade my Kuwait driver’s license in on an Omani one last night.  What a breeze!   We went to one office (open 7:30 am to 9 pm – no breaks) with one form, and were done in about half an hour.  The young man at the desk even teased me that I would have to wait a week, just to see my reaction.  Similar situation when I got my Residence Card before Christmas.  A few more forms,  and first fingerprints and then the documentation part, but no waiting to speak of, and in a little over an hour, I had the card in my hot little hand.  The system really works here.  And throwing in a bit of Arabic, however bad, seems to help too.  I wish I knew more….. my 5 word vocabulary is getting a bit tired.  Guess that’s something else I need to slot into my days, as I focus on Orderliness this year.

I couldn’t believe the difference between here and Kuwait……. the stack of papers was 1/2″ high, and we went to at least 6 different places all over the city……. it took 4 days in total, partly because everything closed by 12:30 or 1 pm.  I think it’s mostly because the Kuwait government hires more people than anyone else, and they need to keep them busy.

This morning we went to get Davids liquor permit.  A non-Muslim is allowed so much per month as long as you meet certain criteria regarding position and salary.  When we got there, we were out of luck because they are waiting for new permits to arrive, but the gentleman at the counter was quite happy to go through the papers to see if we needed anything else.  We do, so the trip wasn’t wasted. Can you imagine the feelings if there was one permit left and we didn’t have everything?

I’ve been very impressed with the system here… it works very much like you would expect back in Canada. The 6 people I dealt with regarding the set up of our wireless network were very professional, helpful, and patient, and we eventually got it running.  We need to do a bit of office shifting to get a good signal, but that is the house, and not the system.

I had a few issues setting up my iPhone, but it was more the language barrier than anything else.  Here’s a puzzle for you – if you were entering a string of numbers for an IP address, and were told to write “two point one over one under”, what would you put down?  I’ll put the answer in the next post.  Now, the iPhone and I are best buds – I’ve discovered how great it is to always have a book with you to read – and I always thought I needed to have the paper in my hands.

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