First Taste of Muscat

We moved from Kuwait to Muscat, Oman in the fall… what a beautiful country…. truly, the Jewel of Arabia. The geography is amazing…. mountains out the front window, ocean a 10 minute walk.  Here, when the earth’s plates were shifting, the ocean plan went on top of the land, unlike most of the rest of the world.  Here, they find ruby and emerald grown mixed together… again, quite a rarity.  The people are very friendly.  The part of greater Muscat that we live in incorporates a fishing village….the boats still go out, and the people are still dressed in the colourful clothes of the native Omani.There are children and goats running around in the streets, and after the third day seeing you,they would reply with a shy “alleykum assalaam”, and then even be the first one to make the greeting. They were fascinated by the dog , and some smaller ones would even come and touch his back … very few were brave enough to encounter the tooth end.  We are in our own house now… a bit farther away so I don’t encounter the children as much. we still walk down to the beach every other day…. for a Prairie girl, the ocean and it’s fruits have such a fascination.


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6 Responses to First Taste of Muscat

  1. Renee Butler says:

    Great Job! Looking forward to viewing the photos.

  2. Pam says:

    I’ve added your blog to my reading list. I’m looking forward to seeing photos and hearing more about your life in Oman.

    • Hi Pam – did you make your Christmas deadlines? My only deadlines were to have the tree up and the guest room set up before my friend came t spend the holidays. This year, I hope to do much better.

      • Pam says:

        I did make my Christmas deadline . . . almost . . . I didn’t get the tablecloth finished.

        Thanks for posting on my blog. You may be surprised to know their are 2 letterboxes in Kuwait and 1 in Oman.

  3. Pearlin J says:

    Hi Kathy,I’ve added you to my reader.Looking forward to reading more about your life in Oman 🙂

  4. Hope says:

    enjoy reading this keep it up.

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