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She Sells Seashells….

… by the seashore.  No she doesn’t, she collects them. I love walking along the beach and watching for shells….. I’m trying to find as many different ones and as large a I can.  There are so many though…. When … Continue reading

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No – I’m Not Talking About Aliens…

when I mention UFO’s.  Those of you who are quilters know the jargon…. it means Unfinished Fabric Objects.  I’m a collector!  I haven’t counted how many I have in a while, and I DON’T plan to any time soon.  I … Continue reading

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And I’ve Never Even Mentioned Quilting…..

Funny, isn’t it, that all this time, and I’ve never once mentioned quilting, even though I think about it all the time, and try to fit some in every day.  Well, here goes. Quilting has been a big part of … Continue reading

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Into the Mountains – Part I

In November we took a day trip into the mountains with friends….. I met Alice through the Kuwait Quilters Yahoo Group – and her husband Robert has a passion for the mountains and rocks in general.  He loves the geology … Continue reading

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No game today….

Last night, just after I finished writing about the rain storm in December, it began to rain.  Light at first, it increased in force until it was driving down…….almost straight, so I didn’t have to worry about it coming through … Continue reading

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The Day it Rained

This morning we had an overcast sky and some light showers…. the second rain I’ve experienced since moving to Muscat.  It reminded me of the first rain….. and oh, how different. It was December 28,; Sue and I headed out … Continue reading

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Of Houses and Such

The houses here in Muscat are interesting.  They are all different, yet seem to have a similarity that binds them together and makes them belong.  It took me a while to figure out what it might be…. I have a … Continue reading

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